The most common form of massage. A treatment session may be full body or focused on a particular area, e.g. back and hips, neck and shoulders. Consultation with the patient/client will determine whether the desired outcome is relaxation or invigoration of the tissues.

  • Release of tight and tense muscles. Reduction or elimination of aches and pain.
  • Improves circulation and elimination of toxins
  • Increases energy and sense of vitality. Enhanced sense of well-being.
  • Reduction of stress, anxiety, lethargy and depression. Improves sleep patterns.


The Remedial Massage uses Swedish massage and a range of techniques for specific issues and conditions.

  • Aids rehabilitation after injury, accident or operation.
  • Improved muscle flexibility and range of movement.
  • Relief for conditions such as sciatica, arthritis, tennis or golf elbow, whiplash, frozen shoulder, hip, ankle and knee problems, back and neck pain.


Specific techniques particular to the sports setting. Conditions may present more in the acute, rather than chronic stage, and treatment can be both preventative as well as therapeutic. Sport massage can be used for athletes during warm-up and cool-down as part of a training regime, in pre, inter or post event settings, or as part of the rehabilitative process following injury.

  • Increase flexibility and range of movement.
  • Reduce pain and restore appropriate balance.
  • Enhances performance and reduce injury risk.


Deep Tissue Massage is other form of Swedish massage in which lots of pressure is applied in order to reach to the deeper layers of muscle, releases the tension of the fascia that wraps every muscle and alleviates the tendons, helping on the tendinitis release.
In order to apply enough pressure, elbow and knuckles combined with the therapist body weight will be used. In this kind of treatment is especially convenient to use the breath out client’s on release tension intention to maximize the tension release and outcome of the treatment, as it is not only about the pressure applied but the tension that is released by the person receiving.

  • Release of tight and tense muscles. Reduction or elimination of aches and pain
  • Improved muscle flexibility and range of movement.
  • Increases energy and sense of vitality. Enhanced sense of well-being


Reiki, a clothes on treatment, is a Japanese form of healing for stress reduction and relaxation that stimulates the body’s natural immune system. It is administered by laying on hands and is based on the idea that an unseen life force energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If this life force is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

This kind of treatment is very soft and profound at the same time. Mental or emotional stuck energy release may occur. Feeling good and with lots of inner peace is common after a Reiki treatment.

Sound is a powerful tool for clearing stuck energy and blockages, alleviating stress, and boosting the immune system. It stimulates endocrine glands and regulates hormonal functioning.
It induces fast alpha, theta and delta brainwaves, and balances both hemispheres of the brain. Sound can evoke immediate meditative states, visual images, insights, heightened awareness and a deep sense of inner calm.


Sound massage is a magical experience designed to truly unfold you, helping you to feel held in a loving, beautiful space from which you can unwind and heal. Sound Massage is received over the clothes and can be received on a massage table or mat on the floor. Before the treatment commences we will tune in and set an intention for the journey, so we can focus on a specific issue or simply to gain sublime relaxation.

 Bespoke instruments like didgeridoo, tuning forks, shakers and voice, including overtone and throat singing are played over the body, and other sumptuous sonic offerings like Tibetan singing bowls will be placed on top of the heart or the solar plexus. The treatment will finish with a gong bath. All tailored for your needs.
This treatment Increases and accelerates the body’s natural healing ability and reminds you that you are a sacred sound temple. The realignment that this treatment offers helps your body to remember what balance truly feels like.


A sound bath is a rich multi-layered experience. Unique instruments such as gongs, didgeridoos, flute, the voice (including overtone singing techniques) and shruti box are played. The combined sonic effect of these instruments delivers a deeply relaxing sense of well being to body and mind and healing is achieved in the body by assisting it to let go by restoring it’s own natural rhythm and flow A Sound Bath is a deep relaxation time in which lots of different vibrations will “bathe” every cell of your body. Healing the body to release tension and deeply ingrained emotional trauma, harmonising your emotions and feelingsThe best way to receive a sound bath is laying down with closed eyes. It’s a special time for you to connect with your heart, to reflect, and to reconnect with your natural essence which is joy and peace!


Gong Baths are a unique experience that will be different every time. The sound of the gongs sometimes are said to be reminiscent of the universe, sea mammals, planes or industrial sounds like machines, even things beyond our wildest imagination.
The best way to receive sound is listening not only with the ears, but with every cell in your body, the best way to play sound is with heart and soul, that is what I do.