I have the good luck to know Francisco through work. I received a few one to one healing sound sessions with Francisco and  they are powerful. He has an ability to see what you need and each session took me on a deep journey within. His abilities as a body worker are reflected in his capacities to tune in and to hold the space safely, which makes his work unique. I have always left the sessions lighter, more open and  with more guidance in my own healing journey. I am looking forward to working with him again and highly recommend him
Sandrine Giacobino, London

“Francisco’s sound healing was an amazingly deep, profound and shamanic journey. He took me to a place of deep relaxation and surrender I felt that I had gained new perspectives on situations that had been causing me turmoil for months. After the session I felt I had been empowered and given a new sense of clarity. Francisco holds the space in a very humble yet fully supportive manner and is a very intuitive therapist. Thank-you!”
Suzanne Edwards, London

All treatments I have had with Francisco have been amazing and completely different each time. He works from his heart and intuition and you know he really cares about helping you and loves what he does . First Francisco brings you into deep relaxation and love energy zone. Then the sounds start: Wow the waves of sound start flowing over you…..You never know what amazing instrument he will play, so it’s always a lovely surprise and feeling I experience whenever he starts the sounding each time. I can only say that these sounds and energies each time, I have had a session with Francisco,  have taken me to different places and the vibration of his amazing gongs and all instruments and his energies combined are so powerful that I feel the frequency wash over and within my body which leaves me tingling with lovely sensations . I have had many sessions with  Francisco and he has helped my mobility no end with his amazing technique of combined energy from the heart and sounds frequency from all instruments. I would have no hesitation to recommend  Francisco in any type of healing . I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you have given me. Bless you Francisco.
Brenda Dyer, London

“With over a decade of experience his intimate knowledge of human anatomy combined with his natural emphatic abilities as a healer and body worker make Francisco a great choice to have as your personal massage therapist.
I have been very pleased to have had Francisco work on my body regularly so that I can continue to enjoy my passions of dancing, martial arts and circus training which are really important to the quality of my life and personal happiness.
I have found that Francisco has a great touch and intuitive knowing of what the muscles really need to restore their natural balance and harmony. He is also genuinely interested and concerned about finding out what his clients problems are and then delivering the solution to them – fast!
…I have always felt restored after our time together.
I remember how in one particular session with Francisco i was able to release chronic tension and muscle alignment issues in my body that i had been carrying everyday for over 20 years. I was completely amazed at what we were able to do and what he achieved in our session together. It was a relief to finally be free of what i had accepted was a ‘lifetime issue’and be able to walk again the correct way.
I would definitely recommend Francisco to anyone who needs or wants massage sessions either for general relaxation at the end of a long tiring workday or week or for more acute problems that need resolving to improve the quality of their life.
Finally i would like to say that Francisco is a fantastic body worker, healer and human being who creates a loving, safe-space for people to let go.. surrender and be healed by his healing hands and kind loving heart. I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends or family.”
Wayne Starkey, London

“Francisco is a really great massage therapist. He has really helped me make breakthroughs in healing my body. He is knowledgeable and has a very good understanding of the body and it’s needs. He is very intuitive, reliable, and accommodating to my requests during sessions. I highly recommend his services.”
Lily Tyler, London