Francisco Calles Massage and SoundsSound is a powerful tool for clearing stuck energy and blockages, alleviating stress and boosting the immune system. It induces fast alpha, theta and delta brainwaves. Sound can evoke meditative states, visual images, insights, heightened awareness and a deep sense of inner calm.

Francisco Javier, the founder of Toes to Crown, has spent time connecting and learning with international masters in sound healing including: Ondrej Smeikal, didgeridoo (Czech Republique), Francisco Lumbreras, overtone singing (Spain), and Virginio Collado, sound healing (Spain).

In London, he has participated in established events including: Sound of Love, OneSpirit, La Spirale, Shift Happens, Movement Medicine, Urban Shamans and numerous yoga events.

Francisco works intuitively with several instruments including Gongs, Didgeridoos, singing and crystal bowls, the flute, shakers, Shruti box and his voice, including polyphonic overtone singing and other voice healing techniques. His sessions take you on a deep and exquisite journey.