Francisco Javier, the founder of Toes to Crown, has over 14 years experience in a range of holistic therapies and unites his knowledge and experience by working on both physical and energetic level. He combines massage with stretching, trigger points, acupressure and range of movement to release tension in areas of the body, incorporating Reiki and Chinese meridian system.

Francisco Calles Massage and SoundsFrancisco believes through experiencing yourself as whole, fully connected, we are better able to take responsibility for our own health. In his treatments, he works with the breath when applying pressure, inviting you to be present with your authentic flow.

Francisco is a Heart-centred and caring individual, and uses his intuition to guide him in healing work. He has much curiosity and a passion for understanding anatomy, the mechanics of the body and integrates these qualities and knowledge in his work.

If there is an issue or condition beyond Francisco’s experience or capability, he can refer individuals to another professional and is well connected within the holistic health community.